Producer makes rap out of video game voices

Most people know Bethesda's venerable and long-running Elder Scrolls series for their deep, complex world, cast of compelling characters, and unbridled sense of exploration. For YouTuber Young Scrolls, however, the world of Tamriel is something else entirely: a sample library. For six years now, Young Scrolls has been producing witty, lyrical, lore-friendly rap music using only vocals pulled, chopped and spliced from the three 3D Elder Scrolls games, often accompanied by music videos made with said games. If you've never heard Morrowind's Jiub flex his 'wealth beyond measure' or Skyrim's Serana flaunt her vampiric power through song, it must be witnessed to be believed.

It seems like a silly weekend exercise until you start thinking about it. Not only is Young Scrolls producing the songs, which is difficult enough on its own, every song must be written while also keeping the voice clips available for a certain character in mind, to say nothing of actually stitching them all together. It makes achievements like the half-hour Sheogorath album that much more staggering.