Today is the 90th anniversary of 1932's The Mummy

Few genres are as versatile as horror. Through the lens of the horrific, one can tell a surprising array of engaging stories that can tackle almost any topic. Films like It Follows use the horror genre to explore STDs, whereas Get Out speaks to the essential "otherness" that Black Americans feel in white society. There isn't a human emotion that horror can't amplify or elucidate. 

Horror doesn't only add context to our fears; sometimes, it also defines them. Universal's original monster films didn't just set the template for almost every horror film that followed them; they also served as the genesis point for the mythos around the iconic monsters. Similar to how virtually every depiction of Frankenstein's monster follows the Universal design rubric, so does our perception of the enigmatic supernatural powers possessed by the mummy. In the clip linked above, you can watch the trailer for 1932's The Mummy to celebrate its 90th anniversary today.