Fleeing California, a neo-nazi finds Florida his land of opportunity

A gentleman who streams hate from his home has relocated from California, where it is too woke, to Florida, where the water is just right. Sonoma County went 74% for Biden, so it is understandable that a virulent anti-semite would not feel welcome. Enjoy the alligators, Jon Minadeo Jr.!

Jewish News of Northern California:

He also encourages his followers to harass journalists and activists who cover or speak out against his activities.

Minadeo hopes Florida will be more hospitable to him and his worldview, and he may have reason to believe that to be true. A recent report from the ADL described an upward trend of extremist and antisemitic activity in the Sunshine State, driven in part by new white supremacist groups including White Lives Matter, Sunshine State Nationalists, NatSoc Florida and Florida Nationalists.

Minadeo and Goyim TV have partnered with neo-Nazi elements in Florida on antisemitic stunts in the past, and the Goyim Defense League has been extremely active in the state. Last May, Minadeo and his followers held a "protest" outside a Holocaust memorial center in Maitland, an Orlando suburb, carrying bullhorns and holding up signs denying the Holocaust and saying "Jews promote homosexuality." In October, he and others describing themselves as "laser Nazis" used a light projection to superimpose the message "Kanye is right about the Jews" on a football stadium in Jacksonville, as fans streamed out of a college rivalry game attended by 75,000 people.

via Crooks and Liars