Here's a hilarious video of The Mask in the Witcher 3

The Mask should've been a bigger franchise than it was. Hell, The Mask should've been a franchise, to begin with. If you'll pardon the pun, the premise for The Mask is an ever-green one in the world of cinema. In a similar way that Batman's mantle has switched hands across the decades, Hollywood could've easily used The Mask to boost the profile of any new comedic lead the industry was looking to push. 

Now, that idea might sound odious if you're unfamiliar with the character's comic book origins. In the comics, The Mask is wildly divergent from his counterpart on the silver screen. With a history of differing takes interwoven into the character, the trappings around The Mask could switch from film to film, depending on the creative team behind the movie. One movie could be set in the future, whereas another could feature a medieval court jester donning the mischievous mask. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel eli_handle_b.wav made a goofy video that inserts the character into The Witcher 3