Custom large-format glass equivalent to "impossible" 29mm f0.3 lens

It took Media Division 3 years to create it's "unique large format movie camera with lens that is equivalent to an impossible 29mm f0.3 lens", by combining two Large Format Cameras, a Leitz Hektor 300mm f2.8 projector lens, and a custom made 8"x10" ground glass element to yield a 12 pound'ish (5.5 kilogram) experimental lens. The lens and camera package is an incredible achievement, but the explanations detailing how and why this feat was achieved were equally impressive and cinematic as the short demo film "The Iron Sea" shot using this setup. I love the fact that Media Division went a step further with a 36 inch (919mm) f8 aerial photography lens used in early U2 spy recognizance planes, but the whole setup crossed the Peter Principle threshold, and the team dialed their efforts back to the more achievable 29mm f0.3 equivalent lens setup.