"I'm Rich, You're Poor," provides funny and biting commentary on the absurdity of excessive wealth

TikTok user ShabazSays has created a recurring series called "I'm Rich, You're Poor," where he provides hilarious commentary on the absurd luxuries that folks post on their social media accounts. He takes the point of view of the rich person, explaining what wealthy life is like to the viewer—He's rich, we're poor, and we'll never be able to afford the ridiculous items showcased by the folks he's doing TikTok duets with. It's a clever way to point out the absurdity of wealth and the obscenity of wide class disparities.

In one example, he duets with a video showing fancy homes with heated driveways. He writes, "imagine not having heated driveways," and says in his commentary, "In this episode of 'I'm rich, you're poor,' we don't shovel snow off our drive, we have a heated driveway. You can't even afford to heat your home up, let alone heat your driveway. Why? 'Cause you're a povvo!" 

In another, he showcases a pen that writes in chocolate on foamed milk drinks. He writes, "Did I say useless? I meant useful ðŸ˜‚". And in this one, he highlights a refrigerator that is used solely for keeping home decor (think flowers, greenery) fresh. He states, "a fridge just for decorations . . . what a life." Finally, here's one that reveals some truly over-the-top excess: it's a freezer just for ice. Yes, an entire freezer dedicated to housing various types of ice. I didn't even know such things–or that many types of ice–existed.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Shabaz Ali is from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, and is a chemistry teacher at a secondary school in Manchester. Read more about how this teacher became popular on social media here.