George Santos accused of more lies — and stealing — by ex-boyfriend

It's not just the New York Times that has exposed New York's George Santos as a pathological liar (from his heritage to his education to his career). An ex-boyfriend is now accusing the Republican Congressman-elect, who fancies himself as the "full embodiment of the American dream," as a man of whoppers — as well as a thief.

In 2015, former boyfriend Pedro Vilarva says that Santos surprised him with a tropical vacation in Hawaii that didn't really exist, according to the Seattle Times. He also allegedly stole Vilarva's phone and then most likely hocked it. He later found out Santos was wanted by the Brazilian police by doing a simple Google search.

From The Seattle Times:

Vilarva met Santos in 2014, when he was 18 and Santos was 26. Vilarva found him charming and sweet. They dated for a few months before Santos suggested they move in together. Vilarva said he felt on top of the world — even if he said he did find himself footing many of the bills.

"He used to say he would get money from Citigroup, he was an investor," Vilarva recalled. "One day it's one thing, one day it's another thing. He never ever actually went to work," he said.

Things began to unravel between the two men in early 2015, Vilarva said, after Santos surprised him with tickets to Hawaii that turned out not to exist. Around the same time, he said he discovered that his cellphone was missing, and believed Santos had pawned it.

The betrayal prompted him to plug Santos' name into a search engine, where he found that Santos was wanted by Brazilian police.

"I would be scared to have someone like that in charge — having so much power in his hands," Vilarva said. But this is the Republican/MAGA party we're talking about, where telling lies has become an honored tradition.