This gingerbread Mars Curiosity rover is out of this world

Claire Lamman, an astronomy graduate student at Harvard and self-proclaimed "procrastibaker," has created an incredible gingerbread replica of NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. Using NASA's 3D model as a reference, Claire was able to create an incredibly detailed and accurate gingerbread version of the rover, a real testament to her love of space and baking! (via Everlasting Blort)

She writes:

Curiosity is the largest rover and has been wandering around a Martian crater for over 10 years! This crater is full of rocks shaped by ancient water, so Curiosity is exploring whether life may have existed there in the past. Curiosity is a favorite of mine; I remember learning about it as a kid in the Denver museum and being amazed that: 1. robots are real 2. they were sending one to Mars! As far as we know, Mars is a world solely inhabited by robots…