Trying to recreate a stink so foul it was considered dangerous to smell

Chemist and YouTuber, NileRed, was intrigued by stories from the 1800s about Thioacetone, a substance so noxious it is considered dangerous just to smell. People were said to be knocked unconscious, vomit, and become filled with fear over a mere whiff.

So, of course Nile wanted to try and make some and take a toot. After a lengthy process of distilling it out, and fearing releasing it in an urban area, he rented an island for grand uncorking. As in a number of other NileRed videos in search of the worst possible odors, it was bad, but not the level that was claimed. No one passed out, vomited, or panicked over the smell.

An interesting aspect of the release of Thioacetone is that the smell actually gets stronger the farther you are from it. This was part of 19th century reports and he found this to be true. In fact, they beat it off of the island when they realized that the smell was probably wafting across the water and there were houses near by. Nile was not interested in explaining to the cops what he was up to.