Check out this gallery of meals for Apollo astronauts

What did the Apollo astronauts eat? I assumed it was Tang, astronaut ice cream, and Space Food Sticks. But this gallery of meal photos from Digital Commons shows that their diet was much more varied.

For instance, the astronauts aboard Apollo VIII (which orbited the moon ten times in 1968) enjoyed a Christmas feast of grape juice, cranberry applesauce, coffee, and turkey & gravy, packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches.

It seems like they were shortchanged when you compare it to this meal, which includes sugar-coated cornflakes, orange drink, sausage patties, peaches, toasted bread cubes, and chewing gum:

U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (1969), public domain

Does anyone know what the orange pill-looking thing at the top of some of the food pouches is?