Leslie Grace, star of shelved Batgirl movie, gives us a look at her costume

Now that 2022 has finally drawn to a close, it's safe the say that Batgirl's unexpected cancelation has to be one of the weirdest film stories of the year. On paper, it makes no sense to cancel a movie that far into development until you realize that Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David Zaslav probably wanted to axe the film as a write-off. However, in addition to the financial incentive behind the film's cancelation, another rumor circled the movie's demise: Batgirl's final cut might have been pretty awful. 

As we've yet to see any footage, we'll never truly know about Batgirl's quality. Warner Brothers Discovery has thrown the film's final cut into its vault and has no plans on releasing it any time soon, much to the chagrin of DC fans worldwide. Luckily for us, the film's star, Leslie Grace, decided to give fans a look at the movie's awesome costume, heavily inspired by the Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart comic run, in an Instagram video recapping her 2022. If the footage from her IG is anything to go by, the final cut of Batgirl was probably kind of dope.