Japanese pro wrestlers know how to make an entrance

Pro wrestling is all about pageantry. Well, no, scratch that; it's actually about fighting interspersed with pageantry. Or rather, it's about simulated combat- designed to be as exciting as possible for the audience while concurrently being safe for the performers- and pageantry.

Long story short, wrestling is just weird, but that's kind of what makes it awesome. However, no matter how entertaining the American variant of pro wrestling is, it can't touch its Japanese counterpart. Although the Japanese public is equally aware as Americans are about the "manipulated outcomes" of pro wrestling, the country has a greater reverence for the art. Japanese matches are renowned for their "strong style," which is built around brutal strikes that actually hurt the opponents. At the same time, the level of absurdity that happens in a Japanese wrestling match is the perfect counterpoint to the barbarity that occurs in the ring.

In the video linked above, you can check out one of the greatest and most ridiculous entrances ever, performed by Japanese legend Keiji "The Great Muta" Mutoh. The entire thing is both awesome and hilarious.