Check out this video delving into the culture of Tekken in Japan

On June 2nd, Street Fighter 6 will release to the general public and kick off a new generation of fighting games. A host of reviews for the game have already gone as far as to call Street Fighter 6 the greatest game in the franchise's history, as well as the new measuring stick for modern fighting games. Even though the fighting game community is rabid with anticipation for Street Fighter 6, it isn't the only upcoming title that's captivated their imagination.

Despite withholding the game's official release date, the development team behind Tekken 8 has given fans a plethora of stunning trailers to hype the latest entry into the legendary series. And while Tekken has always been popular in America and Europe, it's a way of life in certain countries like South Korea and Pakistan.

Japan is also obsessed with Tekken, and the culture that has blossomed in the island nation is both incredibly unique and utterly fascinating. In the video linked above, One Esports' YouTube channel delves into the culture of Tekken in Japan.