M&Ms rebrand as W&Ws to honor women, and/or troll Tucker Carlson

I can't believe it's been almost exactly one year since Tucker Carlson went on a tirade about how the Green M&M isn't sexy anymore:

Now, the Mars candy company has taken this wokeness run amok even further — by flipping their M&Ms so they say "W" instead of "M," in honor of women!

Yes really. From the official M&Ms press release:

We're celebrating women who are flipping the status quo, transforming the world around them to make it a more colorful and welcoming place for all.

Now, we need your help to shine a spotlight on all women who are breaking barriers, setting new standards and paving new paths for others to follow.

Get it? So they're flipping the packaging, highlighting the femme M&M characters, and temporarily saying that the "M" stands for "W."

On one hand: sure, this is some generic, low-lift corporate PR for women's empowerment. On the other hand, women's empowerment is a good thing, and I genuinely appreciate the low-key trolling at play here. I'm sure Tucker is already hard at work at his next rant. Maybe Bari Weiss will join him?

M&M's to offer 'all-female' packages for a limited time [Michael Bartimoro / KRON 5 News]