Pigeon wearing miniature backpack filled with crystal meth captured in Canadian prison

An enterprising pigeon was stopped before it could smuggle crystal methamphetamine into an Abbotsford, Canada prison yard. The brazen bird was spotted by eagle-eyed guards who noticed something strange about its appearance. (Birds do not usually wear backpacks, which raised the guards' suspicions.) The guards set up a trap, captured the bird, and discovered the valuable contraband inside.

From the Abbotsford News:

Davinder Aujla, an assistant warden at Pacific Institution, confirmed there was a "recent interception of contraband" at the facility and the matter is under investigation. Randle says in recent years, prison officers have been on the lookout for drones carrying drugs and other contraband but it's the first time in his 13 years as a corrections officer he's heard of a live bird being used.From the Abbotsford news: