George Santos introduced himself as "Anthony Devolder" in this creepy video from 2019

After all that we know (and don't know) about shapeshifter George Santos, it's really creepy to watch him introduce himself as "Anthony Devolder" in front of a New York crowd at a 2019 "Walk Away LGBT" event (see Patriot Takes video below). He also described himself as the founder of "United for Trump," which unsurprisingly, after doing a simple Google search, seems to be a nonexistent organization.

The insincere GQP Congressman usually saves his Anthony Devolder alias — which uses his two supposed middle names — for his dating app profiles, according to Mother Jones. But not always — sometimes he prefers to hide behind George Devolder, and when pretending to be Russian he morphs into Anthony Zabrovsky. No wonder he doesn't respond when his name is called on the House floor (see second video below) — there are just too many names even for the serial liar to keep track of!

Via Mediaite
Front page thumbnail image: Santos in a "George For NY" campaign handout photo