Luggage tracking made easy: how to use AirTags for travel

Traveling these days can be a hassle, especially when it comes to keeping track of your checked luggage, which is often delayed or lost. A recent article by my friend and tech expert Glenn Fleishman has tips on using Apple AirTags to keep an eye on your belongings even when they're out of your sight. In his piece for Macworld, Fleishman details how he used an AirTag in a case inside a checked bag to track his luggage throughout his journey.

According to Fleishman, the AirTag allowed him to "frequently see my checked bags in close proximity" as he checked in, walked to gates, and switched flights. He also used the AirTag's ability to play a chime, making it easier to locate his luggage at the carousel.

Fleishman also reminds readers to turn on "Find My" on all the devices they carry with them, so that their phone will alert them if they leave an iPad, laptop, or other devices behind on a plane seatback.