Godiva and Nintendo made some Animal Crossing chocolates

Nintendo has built its brand as "the cute/kid-friendly" game company. Whereas its rivals at Microsoft and Sony are focused on catering to an older demographic that is intent on consuming graphic violence and sexuality, Nintendo has no problem building its entire brand around "kid games." However, despite its family-friendly content, Nintendo has always paved the way for technological innovation with its games. If you can name a genre, Nintendo has most likely published a game that is regarded as a classic in the genre. And unlike other games, Nintendo's potential for licensed merchandise extends beyond Sony and Microsoft games' traditional busts and action figure offerings. 

Take Nintendo and Godiva's new line of themed chocolates inspired by the beloved Animal Crossing series. If you can, just try to imagine games like The Last of Us or Hitman branching off into themed chocolate bars or breakfast cereals. Never change Nintendo; never change.