How many Psychiatrists does it take to describe Batman villains?

As a character, Batman has everything going for him. The Dark Knight's design is instantly iconic- even in silhouette—and can work with virtually every artist's specific style. Beyond his aesthetic, Batman boasts some of the most robust mythology in the entire world of comic books. From his origin, which will always be applicable due to its simplicity, to his headquarters and gadgets, Batman can easily make a case for being the best character in comics on a structural level. 

However, the core element of Batman's mythology that gives him an edge over his competition in the capes and tights game is his insane roster of villains. Even if he doesn't possess your favorite rogues' gallery, it's almost impossible to argue that Batman's foes don't automatically crack the top five in any supervillain list. In the video linked above, GQ sits down with an actual psychiatrist to break down the mental state of some of the Bat's most iconic adversaries.