The way of the Nardwuar

There's a long history of interviewers becoming almost as famous as the celebrity they chat with. Even though it looks simple enough, there's an art to being a quality interviewer. Knowing when to interject and when to allow your subject to expatiate on an idea is a delicate balance that only a few can pull off correctly. Whenever one earns their stripes as a top-notch interviewer, they typically garner the aforementioned fame that places them in the same breath as the subjects they profile. Barring a few exceptions, it's not a job that one can just phone in at a high level.

In the world of music, there are few interviewers as renowned and as entertaining as Nardwuar. Although Nardwuar has been a constant in the music industry for decades, his recent spate of interviews with rap stars—and his uncanny ability to uncover personal information- has earned him a massive audience on social media. In the video linked above, you can check out how Nardwuar became Nardwuar.