Church of England, founded specifically to undo sanctity of marriage, will not recognize same-sex marriages

The BBC reports that the Church of England — founded to break from the Catholic Church after it refused to grant a divorce to Henry VIII, who wanted to wed Anne Boleyn before cutting her head off — has reached the end of a five-year-long consultation and debate regarding the church's position on same-sex marriage.

Now, Anglican bishops will be allowed to perform "prayers of dedication, thanksgiving or for God's blessing" on same-sex couples who are already legally united by the state — but the Church itself will not perform or formally recognize same-sex marriages.

BBC News spoke to several bishops present at the meeting who said the Church's teaching that Holy Matrimony is only between one man and one woman would not change and would not be put to a vote.


The Anglican Church in Wales has provided an authorised service of blessing for gay couples but does not allow same-sex weddings in church.

English bishops will recommend that some "prayers for God's blessing" for gay couples in civil marriages be adopted, the BBC expects.

A controversial church document from 1991 that says clergy in same-sex relationships must remain celibate will be scrapped. And the Church will also issue an apology for the way it has excluded LGBT+ people, BBC News was told by several bishops.

It's worth reiterating once again that the entire foundational purpose of the Church of England was to destroy the sanctity of "traditional" marriage as defined by the Vatican just because a royal wanted to get his dick wet (and then proceed to divorce and re-marry five more times after that).

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