Amazon finally releases a teaser for Invincible's second season

Can we really say that Jeff Bezos isn't Lex Luthor? On paper, his resume fits the bill well enough, but the one element that truly fuels the rumor is the content offered on Amazon Prime Video. Even though it's a brilliant show in its own right- and a superior version of the comic it adapts- The Boys goes out of its way to sully Superman's perception through Homelander, the series' central antagonist. Sure, being bald, super rich, and owning a network that produces a show that's equivalent to anti-Superman propaganda isn't enough to call someone Lex Luthor. However, what if you produce two shows that serve as anti-Superman propaganda?

After a lengthy wait, Amazon Prime Video finally decided to update fans on the status of Invincible's second season. Invincible, the hit animated series created by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, took the world by storm with its grisly violence and its own memeable "evil Superman" antagonist. In the video linked above, you can watch a silly clip that teases more info on the show's second season.