Flat Earthers: "Australia is fake and all Australians are actors paid by NASA"

I've never been to Australia. I hear it's lovely. I know some lovely people there, too. Still, I recognize that it's sort of a crazy natural death trap that also represents the worst instincts of British colonialism made manifest. This is a continent full of flaming fields of spiderwebs where indigenous populations were wiped out to make room for prisons before someone realized they were sitting on an oil goldmine, thus inspiring even more brutal human rights violations in the name of wealth creation, which in turn contributed to climate change which made the crazy fire animals even crazier.

You don't need to make shit up about Australia because Australia is absurd enough on its own. But apparently, even that was not enough for these Flat Earthers on Facebook:

As of press time, no kangaroos could be reached for comment.

Flat Earthers Claim Australia Doesn't Exist And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA [Umer Abrar / Physics-Astronomy.com]