This poor koala is having an existential crisis

Ozzy Man Reviews has done it again. Here's a recent commentary where he takes the point of view of a poor koala that was stuck in a hole. Some kind strangers tried to help rescue the poor chap by dragging a huge tree branch and throwing it down into the hole so that the koala could use it to climb out. The koala slowly makes its way out of the hole and almost reaches safety. Just then–spoiler alert–the poor pathetic fellow falls back into the hole and has to start all over! 

The sad little creature is just trying its best, but one of the 'helpers' screams, "Bloody idiot!" when it falls back into the hole. Luckily, the koala attempts the escape again and is finally able to reach safety. 

The video takes a dark turn at the end, though. When the koala climbs into a burned tree and can finally take a much-needed rest, it has a bit of an existential crisis:

"Nothing like a burnt bushfire tree to just remind me that we're almost extinct." [Forced laugh.] "Bye everyone."

Completely relatable, koala, completely relatable. Hang in there, little buddy.

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