King Charles III is suing Twitter over unpaid rent on its UK headquarters

Crown Estate, a property portfolio belonging to the King of England, is suing Twitter for unpaid rent on its UK headquarters in central London, reports BBC.

The Crown Estate took legal action after previously contacting Twitter about rental arrears over office space at Air Street. The Estate is one of the UK's largest landowners and an independent commercial business, generating profit for the Treasury for public spending. The monarch is then given 15% of the annual surplus of the estate, known as the Sovereign Grant, to support official duties.

From The Guardian:

John Wallace, a solicitor and director at the London-based law firm Ridgemont, said the hearing between the crown estate and Twitter was likely to take place in the next six months and warned that the UK's struggling economy could lead to an increase in rent arrears claims.

Twitter is also being sued for failure to pay rent in San Francisco and Seattle.