Large sofa stuck on small staircase

Installers in Bournemouth, England, left a large sofa wedged in the turn of a small staircase. The homeowner is upset, reports the BBC.

Luke Ansell ordered the sofa from online retailer after moving in to a brand new house in Bournemouth. He said the sofa company's delivery men got it wedged but left saying they had no time to rectify it. The company has disputed some of the facts and said it would replace the sofa and pay for house repairs.

The installers blame him for interfering with their expert methodology.

In a subsequent email to Mr Ansell, it said: "Whilst our driver and his colleague attempted to get the sofa up the second flight of steps you also tried to help and between yourself and the two delivery persons managed to get the sofa wedged and also damage the walls.

I found the chair here. A masterpiece in black leather, yours for only £1039.50 (plus drywall repair costs).