George Santos's donors don't seem to exist

Hannah Montana co-star and U.S. Congressman Kitara Ravache George Anthony Devolder Santos Zabrovsky won't answer Mothers Jones' question as to why a number of his top campaign donors seem to be nonexistent. Rep. Kitara Ravache George Anthony Devolder Santos Zabrovsky has an unimpeachable reputation for honesty and integrity, so it is only a matter of time before he produces evidence that the donors aren't make-believe.

From Mother Jones:

One of the eight supposed retirees who contributed the maximum amount to Santos is Carlos Suarez. He is listed in Santos' FEC filings as residing in a two-unit building in Flushing, New York. According to a resident at that address, no one named Carlos Suarez lives there. She says she does not know anyone by that name. A Nexis search found no Carlos Suarez residing within the zip code.

A second retiree named Steven Caruso who topped out to Santos is listed on Santos' FEC records as living on West Fingerboard Road in New York City. There is no West Fingerboard Road in Manhattan, but there is one on Staten Island. The home there that corresponds to the street address on the FEC filings belongs to a Polish immigrant. He tells Mother Jones that no Steven Caruso lives at his address and that he knows nobody by that name. Public records show no Steven Caruso ever residing at the address.

It's a federal crime to donate campaign money under a name other than your own, which is all we need to know that these people are real and really did donate to Kitara Ravache George Anthony Devolder Santos Zabrovsky's campaign.