Talented liar George Santos had 4 starring roles in Hannah Montana, as Stephen Colbert proves (video)

A few days ago, Variety and Politico reported that GOP liar-in-chief George Santos claimed in a now defunct Wikipedia page that he had been an actor on Disney's "Hannah Montana" series, using Anthony Devolder as his stage name. Which is a coincidence, since the show, starring Miley Cyrus, was also about a person who led a glamorous double life.

And as it turns out, the versatile Congressman played not just one, but four starring roles in the show, using a different stage name for each part — George Santos as college grad, Anthony Devolder as volleyball player, Kitara Ravache as fraudster on the run, and Billy Ray Santos as himself (all-around creep who lies about his mother) — as Stephen Colbert proves with this hilarious "unearthed" clip (as seen on the The Late Show).