Short mockumentary film about the cheese-making, gun-toting, Rock n Roll dairy farmers of France

The American cultural industry, particularly Hollywood, makes up and reproduces stereotypes of people and nations all over the world. Though not pioneered by Disney, cultural misrepresentations are often, sadly, the lifeblood of a certain kind of comedic punching downward.

What happens when these roles are reversed, when people from other nations make video images and stories about USian people? Check out fellow Boing Boing author Jenny Sandlin's post about the video for "Burgers."

This documentary will take 24:47 of your time. "Mister V, The Jones," set in Morteaux Couliboeuf, South Normandy, goes behind the scenes of these dairy ranchers, gun enthusiasts, cheese makers, and rock and roll musicians that travel to Nashville to meet Americans and eventually play a set in an empty bar.

"The Jones is based on a true story, according to a rumor."