Creepy clown statue anonymously delivered to sheriff's office causes concern (surveillance video)

The sheriff's office in Trumbull County, Ohio received a strange gift last week. An unknown man was spotted on surveillance video walking up the sheriff's office, flipping off the security camera, placing the creepy clown statue (above) on the doorstep, and then making a finger gun gesture before strolling away.

Later, it was determined that the clown belongs to local artist James Shuttic who had put the statue on a traffic signal box across town to photograph it as promotion for a gallery event. Shuttic forgot to bring his clown back to his studio, and when he returned to retrieve it, he realized it had vanished.

"He has no idea how it got from the street light to the Trumbull County Sheriff's office, or why the man who left it may have been trying to send a message," Cleveland 19 reports.