John Lydon pens love song to his wife, who has Alzheimer's

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, has written a stunning tribute to his wife, Nora, who has Alzheimer's. The song is called "Hawaii," and Lydon and his band, Public Image Ltd, are hoping it will be chosen to represent Ireland in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Financial Times explains:

With its haunting chorus "Remember me, I remember you", "Hawaii" is post-punk poetry — a far cry from the schlock-pop and schmaltz usually on offer. Lydon and his band Public Image Ltd will go head-to-head with five other hopefuls on Irish broadcaster RTÉ on February 3, when a studio jury, international jury and the public phoning in will pick the nation's nominee.

Go watch the video for the song. The lyrics are quite beautiful, and heartbreaking. It might be easy to poke fun at John Lydon for being a punk sellout, but one thing's certain: the love and support he has for his wife are clearly and utterly real. As one person commented on the video on YouTube: "This is not a love song…This is a love letter. God bless you both xxx."