Marjorie Taylor Greene tells another lie about "Jewish space lasers"

Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to set the record straight about the "Jewish space lasers" comment attributed to her.

"Every single day, there's people that think that I said a phrase called 'Jewish space lasers,'" a phrase that I never said," she said in the video. "As a matter of fact, it was created and invented in a story that a bunch of people read in the news and they believe that about me, but in fact, that's something I never said. And I don't hold any types of beliefs like that at all."

Let's look what MJT actually said in a 2018 Facebook post that she deleted (I've bolded the parts about Jewish space lasers and added comments in [square brackets]):

As there are now over 70 people confirmed dead and over 1,000 missing, the fires in CA are a horrific tragedy. I'm praying for all involved!

I'm posting this in speculation because there are too many coincidences to ignore, and just putting it out there from some research I've done stemming from my curiosity over PG&E stocks, which tanked all week then rallied Thursday night after CA official announced they would not let PG&E fail. I find it very interesting that Roger Kimmel on the board of directors of PG&E is also Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc, international investment banking firm [frequent targets of antisemitic conspiracies]. I also find interesting the long history of financial contributions that PG&E has made to Jerry Brown over the years and millions spent in lobbying. What a coincidence it must be that Gov Brown signed a bill in Sept 2018, protecting PG&E and allowing PG&E to pass off its cost of fire responsibility to its customers in rate hikes, and through bonds. It also must be just a coincidence that the fires are burning in the same projected areas that the $77 billion Dollar High Speed Rail Project is to be built, which also happens to be Gov Brown's pet project. And what are the odds that Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum [Jewish] is the contractor to the rail project! Geez with that much money, we could build 3 US southern border walls. Then oddly there are all these people who have said they saw what looked like lasers or blue beams of light causing the fires, and pictures and videos. I don't know anything about that but I do find it really curious PG&E's partnership with Solaren on space solar generators starting in 2009. They announced the launch into space in March 2018, and maybe even put them up before that. Space solar generators collect the suns energy and then beam it back to Earth to a transmitter to convert to electricity. The idea is clean energy to replace coal and oil. If they are beaming the suns energy back to Earth, I'm sure they wouldn't ever miss a transmitter receiving station right??!! I mean mistakes are never made when anything new is invented. What would that look like anyway? A laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth I guess. Could that cause a fire? Hmmm, I don't know. I hope not! That wouldn't look so good for PG&E, Rothschild Inc, Solaren or Jerry Brown who sure does seem fond of PG&E. Good thing for Solaren that Michael Peevey is on their board since he is former President of California Public Utilities Commission, California's most powerful energy regulatory agency. Great connections right there!

Also I will say whoever was able to buy that PG&E stock at the bottom before that announcement was made when stocks rallied sure did well on their investment. I wonder how you get privy to that kind of info? You must have to know somebody right? Seems like there's a lot of connected people in this crowd. And with these space solar generators, I really hope they have very good aim beaming the suns power down to Earth

But what do I know? I just like to read a lot

She did her own research! I guess to be accurate we should say "fire-causing laser beams from space owned by firms connected to a Jewish banking family." Is that better?