Apes separated at zoo secretly made a baby through a glory hole

At Nagasaki's Kujukushima Zoo & Botanical Garden, a 12-year-old white-handed gibbon named Momo recently became mysteriously pregnant. Momo had been separated from male gibbons so the researchers were at a loss to explain her immaculate conception. Now, DNA testing reveals that Itoh, a 34-year-old agile gibbon, was the baby daddy. How? Glory hole in the enclosure. From Yahoo! News:

Both gibbons took turns in the exhibition area, which happened to be right in front of Momo's cage.

The only thing separating the cage from the exhibition area was a makeshift partition: a board with holes. According to Vice, Yamano explained that the hole, which measured a little more than a third of an inch (9 millimeters) in diameter, had permitted the apes' rendezvous.

"We think it's very likely that on one of the days that Itoh was in the exhibition space, they copulated through a hole," the zoo superintendent stated.