Vibrating pills to help with chronic constipation

Now available, a vibrating pill that doesn't release any medicine but rather stimulates your colon so you can poop more easily. Approved by the FDA in August, Vibrant is now ready for doctor prescription. From CNN:

The pills stimulate specialized nerve cells in the gut called mechanosensory cells. These help trigger peristalsis, the undulating muscle contractions that help squeeze food through the gut.

"There are little vibrations for three seconds on, three seconds off," said Cathy Collis, chief commercial officer for Vibrant Gastro, which is based in Israel but has offices in the US.

Before use, each pill is activated in a little pod that turns it on. After it's swallowed, it is active for about two hours, goes quiet for around six hours and then activates again for another two hours.

No, they aren't reusable.