List of catacombs to explore around the world

You've likely heard of the catacombs in Paris. Maybe you've even been lucky enough to take a tour there and walk down the dimly lit tunnels lined with real human skeletons. These underground tunnels were created in the 17th century when "Overcrowding in Paris's more traditional burial spaces, as well as sanitation issues, led to a transformation. Miles of tunnels connecting old stone quarries under the city were reused as crypts. It's believed that more than six million people were laid to rest in the underground labyrinth."

It's not often that one gets to find themselves surrounded by millions of skeletons, and if visiting a catacomb sounds intriguing to you, here's a list of catacombs from around the world. From Porto, Portugal to León, Mexico to Klatovy, Czechia, there are beautiful catacombs to be explored in many cities. Both a reminder of the past, what lies ahead for us living folk, and to celebrate this life while we're here, visiting an underground cemetery can be a mind expanding experience.