The College Board denounces Florida's Department of Education

The College Board, developer of the standardized tests and criteria to determine college readiness of US students, has denounced the state of Florida's Department of Education for playing political games. Florida's Gov. Ron Desantis has conducted a relentless assault on the state's education system, insisting it stops teaching students things that might cause them to think.

Orlando Sentinel:

Taken aback by Florida's attacks against its new AP African American studies course, the College Board late Saturday denounced the state Department of Education, saying it used the course to advance a politically motivated agenda.

The organization's letter, published at 8 p.m. Saturday, came just two days after it released another statement that did not take such a harsh tone as it pushed back against the department's claims that portions of the course are "historically fictional."

In its latest unsigned statement, the College Board said it is proud of its "historic" course, which has been crafted by renowned scholars. It acknowledged it made mistakes during the rollout and accused Florida of exploiting the situation.