Another 6-year-old boy brings a gun to school, but this time things go right

Another 6-year-old boy was allegedly found with a gun at school, this time in Pennsylvania. But fortunately, unlike the case last month when a 6-year-old boy allegedly shot his teacher in Virginia, this time nobody was harmed. And this time, his mother turned herself in to police.

According to ABC News, on the bus ride to school, the young child showed the semi-automatic handgun to other children, who, once on campus, immediately went to the office and reported the weapon. The office then called in the boy, found the gun in his backpack, and called the police, who later arrested his mom "for felony endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment."

According to prosecutors (via ABC), the mother's gun was purchased illegally by a man who is already "awaiting trial on multiple felony charges relating to the illegal purchases and sales of four firearms, including the firearm in this incident."

From ABC News:

The 6-year-old allegedly found the loaded 9 mm Jimenez Arms semi-automatic handgun in a dresser in his mother's room on the night of Feb. 8, prosecutors said.

His 10-year-old brother allegedly took out the bullets and pointed the gun at the 6-year-old, prosecutors said.

In the middle of the night, the 6-year-old allegedly took the gun and put it in his backpack to bring to school, according to prosecutors.

[His mother] turned herself in Tuesday and is due in court for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 24, prosecutors said.

"I would like to commend the children who notified school officials immediately, thus preventing another tragedy at a school," Norristown acting Police Chief Michael Bishop said in a statement. "These children are the true heroes in this unfortunate incident."