Ohio officials after train crash: the air's fine, just don't drink the water

In the wake of a fiery train derailment that polluted East Palestine with toxic vinyl chloride—an environmental disaster of the sort media gives cursory attention while focusing on all the balloon horseshit—officials are insisting that the air is safe to breathe. But don't drink the water.

"We know that there is a plume moving down the Ohio River," Kavalec said.

Kavalec said water systems are being shut down as that plume goes over an area and testing is taking place to make sure the water is safe.

Residents of East Palestine are being advised to drink bottled water for now. Vanderhoff said water from the municipal system appears to be fine but more extensive testing is ongoing. But he said people with private wells should get them tested. He said they can do so by calling 330-849-3919.