Tasmanian man builds village for his 37 guinea pigs

Welcome to GuineaVale, Population 37!

GuineaVale is a tiny mostly handmade village that's the home of 37 guinea pigs in Tasmania, Australia. It's the brainchild of Steve Ransley, who first bought a few guinea pigs to use as "lawn mowers" for his property near Hobert. As Ransley and his wife acquired more and more guinea pigs, he decided to create a little village for them. ABC News Australia explains:

A few years later, at his property outside Hobart, he and his wife are the proud owners of a tiny town that's turning heads. Called GuineaVale, the "town" is a fully enclosed outdoor community of almost 40 guinea pigs, with a model water reservoir and white picket fence. It also features handcrafted houses, rodent-sized lounge chairs, a clothesline, and a barbecue area with rubbish and recycling bins.

You can see the residents of GuineaVale in action, in this video from ABC News Australia. And for more GuineaVale content, check out their YouTube channel.