Listen to Alan Moore sing "The March of the Sinister Ducks"

Thanks you to comics writer extraordinaire Kieron Gillen for bringing this odd bit of culture to my attention. In the most recent of his newsletter, Gillen shared a playlist he made which opened with a sinister song about Sinister Ducks, performed by a band called Sinister Ducks, which was fronted by none other than the great wizard of Northampton, Alan Moore hisself.

More on that musical group, courtesy of Bleeding Cool:

Sinister Ducks, of course, being the band formed by Alan Moore, former Bauhaus bassist David J, saxophonist Alex Green from the ska band ARMY, and singer-guitarist Grant Series of D-Go-Tees, under new pseudonyms, first formed in 1979 when another band had pulled out of a performance. There were a few subsequent performances with other members Glyn Bush of Rockers Hi-Fi and Bridget Enever, and a couple of vinyl releases in the early eighties with cover art from Savage Pencil and the late Kevin O'Neill. A flexi-disc was published by Fantagraphiucs in Critters #23, which featured an Alan Moore story. Here's a couple of examples that have hit YouTube and have not yet been taken down.

It's a weird song — yet also weirdly appropriate, both for Moore's oeuvre, and for the playlist, is sort-of meant to accompany the release of the Gillen-penned Immoral X-Men #1, the latest in the X-Men's current Sins of Sinister saga. In case you weren't aware, the X-Men have been in a sort of renaissance period since the release of Jonathan Hickman's House of X / Powers of X miniseries in 2019. The mutants have now built their sovereign nation on the living island of Krakoa, and must deal with all the struggles of running a nation and building a culture and society — the least of which includes some radical approaches to healthcare and criminal justice reform. (Yes, really, these are ongoing X-Men storylines.) Unfortunately, "amnesty for all mutants" includes the dandy Machiavellian sociopath Mr. Sinister, who, as always, is running schemes-within-schemes-within-schemes that will ultimately come back to bite everyone in the ass. This particular Sins of Sinister storyline depicts a future in which Sinister has successfully taken over the world by infecting everyone's DNA with his own. And it sucks, even for him. The story is set in three timelines: 10 years from now, 100 years from now, and 1000 years from now, picking up from the X=10 motif established in the aforementioned House of X / Powers of X series (get it? Powers of X? Powers of 10? So 10 to the 10th power is … okay cool just making sure).

None of this X-Men story has much to do with Alan Moore (whose only real contributions to the mythos — or to Marvel in general, as far as I'm aware — was some early work on Captain Britain, where he did notably introduce the multiversal designation "616" for the main Marvel universe). Just that I like the current X-Men books a lot, and also this song was fun and weird enough to share.