This machine spits out a free short piece of literature

The "Short Edition" Short Story Dispenser spits out a free printed story when you press a button.  The machine uses eco-friendly paper and biodegradable ink. The goal of these machines is to provide people with literature in public places like a cafe or train station. You can choose between 1, 3, and 5 minute stories. As seen in the video, the machine spat out writing from Shakespeare and Robert frost. I'm not sure what genres of literature can be found in this machine, but I'd love to come across one and give it a try.

"The Short Story Dispenser by French publishing house Short Edition gives you a printed story free of charge with the push of a button. The vending machine lets you pick the duration of the story, and then prints it out on eco-friendly paper using biodegradable ink. Francis Ford Coppola liked the machine so much that he immediately hopped on a plane to Paris to be the first to showcase free art in his Zoetrope Café in San Francisco."