U.S. Air Force not keen to explain why it fired a Colonel and five others at nuclear base

Col. Gregory Mayer ran the 5th Mission Support Group at Minot Air Force Base (previously), and Maj. Jonathan Welch was the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander. They and four unnamed subordinates were fired, announces Air Force Global Strike Command. Beyond a pro forma statement saying the Air Force lost confidence in the personnel, there's no word on what they did or on plans for further disciplinary action. Air Force Times:

The Air Force declined to say what led to their ousters or what disciplinary action they may face.

Mayer … oversaw 1,900 airmen across six squadrons and a base portfolio worth $4.3 billion. Minot is the Air Force's only installation that houses two legs of the nuclear triad. Mayer's group supports daily operations of the base's 28 B-52H Stratofortress nuclear-capable bombers, 165 Minuteman III nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles and launch control centers, and eight UH-1N helicopters, according to an official biography that was removed from Minot's website Monday.

The Air Force declined to provide more information about whether the other airmen were officers or enlisted, who will replace them, or whether they were all fired over the same incident.

Gregory what did u do.