When adults stay silent, a toddler shows police where a Kentucky fugitive is hiding

When police showed up at a Kentucky home looking for a fugitive, all of the adults in the house kept mum. But it was a toddler who broke the silence, saying with his hands on his hips, "It is good to be honest … we shouldn't lie. She is inside the room next to the bathroom!" He then pointed to make sure the officers knew where the room next to the bathroom was.

The fugitive in question was 45-year-old Tina Hicks, according to NBC News, who was in the small town of Williamsburg, 100 miles outside of Lexington, when the little boy assisted police in finding her. She had "multiple outstanding warrants for her arrest."

From NBC News:

Kentucky deputies are praising a "very brave and honest" toddler for pointing to a fugitive's hiding spot when adults at the scene refused to cooperate, officials said. …

Deputies found Hicks there, and she was served with two outstanding Whitley County circuit indictment warrants charging her with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, as well as four other outstanding district court warrants.

The sheriff's office said the child was visiting family and did not live at the home.

"He was healthy, intelligent, and in no way appeared to be abused," the sheriff's office said. "He was just at the wrong place wrong time. If deputies thought he was a potential victim of repercussions, it would have been dealt with."