Tennessee governor signing anti-drag bill even as yearbook photo turned up of him in drag

Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee is pushing legislation that would ban "adult cabaret entertainment," including shows featuring "male or female impersonators," from public property and places where children may see them. Like at the high school where Lee apparently donned drag himself in 1977? Yearbook photo evidence above. Full photo below. From Associated Press:

On Monday, Lee was fielding questions from reporters about the legislation and other anti-LGBTQ bills when an activist asked him if he remembered "dressing up in drag in 1977."

Lee was presented with a photo that showed the governor as a high school senior dressed in women's clothing that was published in the Franklin High School 1977 yearbook. The photo was first posted on Reddit over the weekend.

"What a ridiculous question that is," said Lee, who was visibly angry. "Conflating something like that to sexualized entertainment in front of children, which is a very serious question."

From WBIR:

NBC News said it asked Lee's press secretary, Jade Cooper Byers, about the photo. She did not confirm whether it is Lee in the yearbook photo. Byers told NBC News in an email that "any attempt to conflate this serious issue with lighthearted school traditions is dishonest and disrespectful to Tennessee families."  

"The school tradition Byers referred to is most likely a powderpuff football game, in which boys dress as girls and vice versa during homecoming week," NBC News reported. "Byers did not respond to a follow-up question asking for clarification."

For an encore, Lee has also said he'll sign legislation banning transgender kids in the state from receiving most gender-affirming care. And lest we forget, in 2018, an Auburn University yearbook photo from 1980 turned up showing Lee sporting a Confederate uniform to an "Old South" party.

image: Reddit