'Consume confidentiality' with the Edible NDA

Here's a humorous take on protecting your secrets, the Edible NDA. Yes, someone has made ingestible non-disclosure agreements. The pills are a product of Hoax, an interactive design studio based in San Francisco, and are available to buy in packs of six ($19.99) or 20 ($49.99). Be sure to read the fine print first.

NDA is an edible non-disclosure agreement that protects in perpetuity all information exchanged within 30 minutes of ingestion. Every NDA is comprised of a size 00 gelatin capsule imprinted with a QR code leading to this website and filled with powder made from copies of this agreement printed onto rice paper with ingestible ink. NDA can be executed by any number of people at once. Simply provide every party with their own capsule before executing the agreement. Parties can extend the duration of effect by consuming additional NDA.