Art students and teacher in Fort Worth, TX hoping for a Guinness World Record for largest paper snowflake

Now THAT'S a snowflake! On March 4, 2023, fourteen visual and performing arts students at Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas joined their art teacher, Will West, to create what they're hoping will be a Guinness World Record-beating snowflake. The students ranged in age and grade—from Art 1 to AP art. They all worked together, however, to figure out how to create this giant snowflake—West's class motto is, after all: "Art is problem solving." 

The previous record for largest paper snowflake was set on March 29, 2022 by photography students from Northern Illinois University. Their creation came in at 44 feet, 6 inches. The snowflake created by West and his students measured a whopping 58' 0" in diameter and featured the words "Dunbar" and "Fort Worth" cut into the design. The design also features the logo for Intercon Paper, the company who supplied the paper for the project. The Dunbar snowflake beats the previous record by almost 14 feet. West is calling the piece "It's Bigger in Fort Worth," which is a really funny joke if you know anything about Texas and its claim to all things bigger. West and his students have applied for the Guinness World Record, and are currently awaiting a reply—the process of being officially declared record holders can take up to six months.

We've brought you some of Will West's cool snowflake work before. If you want to see more, go check out "Flaking Out," a website where he shares his snowflake creations.