Jenna Ortega might star in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice 2

There's nothing like watching new love blossom. If you're lucky enough to witness the sparks start flying between two new lovers, the experience can swiftly erode your cynicism. However, if one of the lovers in question is a serial dater that bounces from paramour to paramour, leaving a trail of broken hearts and shattered dreams in their wake, the scene suddenly becomes significantly less endearing. Such is the case with Hollywood and (insert the new "it girl" here). 

Hollywood has a long history of anointing a new "it girl" every few years and discarding her just as quickly. The whole process is pretty sexist, as it brands female actors as more disposable than their male counterparts, but until we get some systemic change in the entertainment industry, it's bound to keep happening. At present, Hollywood's new "it girl" is the hilarious and talented Jenna Ortega from Netflix's Wednesday. According to Variety, Ortega's ascension to the top of the A-list is set to continue with a potential starring role in Tim Burton's sequel to Beetlejuice. Let's hope Ortega's career continues to thrive after Hollywood impatiently switches its focus to another young actor. 

Jenna Ortega is eyeing a role in Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice 2," Variety has confirmed.

Ortega, best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix's recent series reboot "Wednesday," is in talks to play the daughter of Lydia Deetz, portrayed by Winona Ryder in the original film. This marks her second time working with Burton, who was an executive producer on "Wednesday" and directed four of its eight episodes. Michael Keaton is also set to reprise his role as the title character.

Representatives for Warner Bros. and Ortega did not immediately respond to Variety's request for comment.