Documentary about the Weird Al-themed (and approved) burlesque troupe in works

Tight & Nerdy is the world's first, and only, burlesque troupe devoted to "Weird Al" Yankovic. Showgals is an upcoming documentary that chronicles their final tour and explores themes of female empowerment, gender inequality, and body positivity.

Tight & Nerdy's "Al-stravaganza" performances are a blend of big personalities, over-the-top costumes, and unforgettable acts set to Weird Al's iconic tunes. The documentary will showcase how the group created a safe and welcoming space for people to be themselves without fear of judgment.


And "Weird Al" himself is interviewed in the documentary. "We've all been lucky enough to meet Al," according to [group founder Pickles] Kintaro. "Mistress Marla Spanx was with me the first time I got to meet Al at the Marin County Fair and it was a most magical evening. Every time I have met him since, I remind him I am the 'Weird Al' stripper and the reactions are always hilarious. I've had everything from recognition, confusion, and concern."

Crowdfunding for the documentary ends Friday at 10 p.m. and filmmaker Jeff Nucera has nearly reached his goal of $115K. The doc's hashtag? #BaretobeStupid, of course.