"Kinda Crazy" celebrates the legendary Rip City Skates

Jim McDowell and Bill Poncher's Rip City Skates has been the go-to shop for your first deck, fast bearings, or a cool t-shirt since I was in pre-school. This documentary, directed by Daniel Pappas and produced by Chris Candy, Sam Sweet, and Rick Darge is an absolute pleasure.

Eric Dressen's story about the shop and the role it played in kids lives on the Westside bring back so many memories.

The Berrics:

In the heart of Santa Monica, Rip City Skates stands as a living legend. Founded in 1978, Rip City holds the title of the oldest continuously operated skate shop in the United States, if not the world. This one-room shop at 2709 Santa Monica Blvd. has been more than a store; it's been a cornerstone for skateboarding's tight-knit community. For four generations, Angelenos have purchased their first decks here, and owners Jim McDowell and Bill Poncher have seen skate trends come and go, all while facing the threat of gentrification.

"Kinda Crazy," celebrates Rip City Skateshop's 45-Year Legacy, featuring skateboarding icons like Mark Gonzales, Eric Dressen, Lizzie Armanto, Tony Alva, and, of course, the dedicated Rip City locals. Directed by Daniel Pappas, this documentary is a celebration of Rip City Skateshop's enduring legacy, a testament to its role in skate history, and a tribute to the community that thrives within its walls. Don't miss this remarkable journey through 45 years of skate culture.

Watch Kinda Crazy (2023) from Rip City Skates Santa Monica, above!