To celebrate the Oscars, let's watch Michelle Yeoh battle a guy with a chainsaw

Not to jinx it, but it's pretty obvious that Michelle Yeoh is going to take home the top prize for best actress at the Oscars tonight, right? Since its release, the dazzling and dimension-hopping film Everything Everywhere All At Once has garnered nothing but positive reviews and attention. And while everyone involved with the project on the acting side of the equation- including Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis- have received awards and acclaim for their performances, all of the industry's googly eyes are on Michelle Yeoh. 

Yeoh's performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once has been called one of the finest of her career, and to that, I say, "have you ever seen the flick where she battles a guy with a chainsaw?" So, let's preemptively celebrate Yeoh's win by watching this jaw-dropping fight scene from Royal Warriors that pits the kung fu legend against a baddie with a chainsaw. And if Yeoh somehow doesn't win, you can use this scene to imagine the world of hurt she could inflict on the Academy for the horrendous lapse in their judgment.